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The collection - Earth Magnetism

Some of the instruments presented here were used to measure the Earth magnetic field in the polar years 1932-1933 and the others were installed during the International Geophysics Year (1957-1958)  and still in use in French observatories in the southern hemisphere until 1980.

Here under is a brief view of some instruments of the collection. However, if you want to know how they work, just select them within the list on the left.

Schmidt's field balance (Vertical)
Rothé-Carpentier's balance
Quartz horizontal magnetometer: Q.H.M. (1952)
La Cour's variometer (declinometer)
Chasselon's magnetic theodolite (1930)
Chasselon's magnetic theodolite (1956)
Cambridge dip inductor
Quartz horizontal magnetometer: Q.H.M. (1952)